Rynoclad Technologies, Inc

recognizing safety

Before a job is started, detailed planning will be done to identify which tasks will be taking place and plan for what is best to prevent potential safety hazards. We encourage employee involvement in our safety program and recognize employees who are proactive at reporting any safety concerns or a near miss, allowing us to respond in a timely manner. Having each worker properly trained and equipped with modern safety equipment is very important and regular meetings keep safety on the minds of employees. RynoClad's monthly safety incentive program is built to encourage employees to lead by example to prevent injury and create a safe work environment.


September 2019 Safety Winners

At Rynoclad, there is no higher concern than employee safety and well-being. Health and safety at the workplace effects every aspect of construction. We recognize employees that go above and beyond the standards of safety and suggest improvements to make a better workplace. These employees were awarded this months safety winners. We appreciate them for making a difference and taking it one step further to making Rynoclad a safe and better working environment. 

Chris Abitia


Chris is a journeyman who goes far above and beyond the basic scope of safety to ensure the well being of not only himself but all of his fellow Rynos. Chris has one of the best attitudes of our crew. 

Brittney Nelson


While operating the Building maintenance unit (B.M.U.) the hoisting cable became severely entangled inside the drum thus rendering the entire system inoperable. Brittney was proactive in assessing the issue and with safety as her main concern, she used the emergency descent to provide a safe outcome until others repair the problem. 

Jacob Elizondo


Safety award winner at 555 Fulton st. Jacob always takes the initiative and the right steps to keep our employees safe with tasks .